5B707793A8213223D2F3CB92D02D6B60 write an SEO compatible article to rank high in search engines

write an SEO compatible article to rank high in search engines

Write an SEO-Compatible Article to Rank high in Search Engines

write an SEO compatible article to rank high in search engines

Writing an SEO compatible article

If you want to write an article that is compatible with SEO and rank first in search engine results and get thousands of daily visits. If you are in the right place, today we will explain to you how to write an article that is compatible with SEO conditions. If you do not have sufficient information about SEO or search engine optimization. We previously explained what SEO is and its importance in ranking first in search engine results.  


Dear content writer, who is a beginner in the field of SEO and search engine optimization. Writing an SEO compatible article is not difficult. I am not better than you or have a genius mind to write an article that ranks first in search engines like Google, but it is also not easy.

Writing according to SEO rules may take a lot of time, effort, and work. But be certain that search engine optimization (SEO) helps in obtaining a better ranking in the first search results. Now is the time to learn how to write an article that is compatible with SEO and also friendly to search engines.  

First, the definition of writing articles

Article writing is a method through which we can write about any topic, with the aim of providing as much useful information as possible about this topic. These articles are written by people who have experience in writing content and then publish them on their personal blogs, such as Blogger or WordPress. Or sell it for the purpose of making a profit from writing articles.

These articles consist of  main headings, then sub-headings, then secondary headings, and then a paragraph or several paragraphs.

One of the conditions for profit from these articles is that they be written according to search engine optimization (SEO) standards. This is for the purpose of ranking at the top of search engine results.

In this article, we will explain  the most important secrets of writing a professional article that respects the rules of SEO . By the end of this lesson, God willing, you will come away with a wealth of information about writing an article that is compatible with SEO and friendly to search engines.

Types of articles

  • Scientific article
  • Literary article
  • Objective article.

But it is not important for us to know the type of article. All we need is how to write a successful article that tops the search results and is compatible with SEO conditions. Whether literary, objective, or scientific, we will explain the types of articles in a separate article.  

How to write an article according to SEO rules

1- Choosing the target audience:-

One of the first steps in writing an article compatible with SEO is to determine the target audience. Ask yourself for whom are you writing your articles? For men, women, or both, for children or adults, for sports fans or for others? You are the one who determines your target audience. I, for example, write articles for those who want to learn. SEO and knowing the rules of search engine optimization (SEO), how to improve search engines, and profit from the Internet, and my audience now is you.  

2- Think before you write an article.

Before you start writing an SEO-compatible article, think about the article you want to write about, and do not start writing any article if you do not know its main ideas, or do not know the keyword that you will target for the article.

So make a list of the topics you want to write about before you start writing an article compatible with SEO and search engines, as this gives you the opportunity to know what you want, and this also gives you to identify your competitors and the target audience that you want to reach without relying on others. Among the reasons for early failure in writing an article Successful is relying on the ideas of others 100%, such as paraphrasing articles, copies, etc., but there is no harm in learning from the ideas and applying them to your site or blog, such as distributing keywords and coordinating the site in general.

3- Choose keywords for the article

The previous two steps are preparation for the third step, which is choosing the keywords for the article, as the stage of choosing the keyword is one of the most important stages of writing a successful article compatible with SEO, especially since the factors in choosing the keywords are many and we will devote a separate article to them, but when choosing the keywords you must take into account the following :-

Choose keywords that have a high monthly search rate and have a good price per click to profit from.

Factor in competition for keywords. Do not choose keywords that have a high rate of competition and your site is new, because certainly if you write an article that is better than the competitor’s article, and he is at the top of the first search results and his site is older than your site, you will not be at the top until after some time has passed with the building of backlinks. Which refers to your site, so that you gain the trust of search engines,

One of the most famous tools for analyzing the keyword of an article is the Google Keyword Planner tool, as it gives you very important details about the price per click, the degree of competition for it, and the monthly search rate for keywords.

Explaining how to write an SEO-compatible article

1- Choose the title of the article:-

The title of your article is the beating heart of your topic, as the first glance at which the reader’s eye falls is the main title. The length of the main title must not exceed a maximum of 55 characters, and must not contain less than 3 words from the keyword of the article. 2- Introduction:-

Always start writing your articles with a strong introduction that summarizes your topic and draws the reader’s eye and attracts him to continue reading, and also attracts search spiders and Google algorithms to understand the text of the article and what field your article belongs to.

2- Exclusivity of the article:-

First and foremost, the article must be exclusive to search engines, and not copied from other sites. However, there is no problem with having external sources for your article and mentioning the sources. What is important is that it be an article written in your own way and understandable to the reader and search engines.

3- Length of the article:-

The length of your article should not be less than 300 words at least, and preferably 500 words, so that it is compatible with SEO standards. Although Google loves long articles, long articles are boring to the reader, so keep your article within (500-2000) words so that it is appropriate. For the reader, it explains all the information in the article.

4- Keyword distribution:-

In order to write an article compatible with SEO, you must also adhere to the consistency of keyword distribution in your article, as Google announced years ago that its algorithms had become more intelligent, yet it is affected by the repetition of keywords within the content of the article, and it recommended content that is appropriate for the visitor and search engines so Do not give a bad impression to the reader and be negatively affected by lower results afterwards.

  • Keywords must be written in the appropriate place without filling.
  • You are warned against writing or mentioning phone numbers without providing information that explains them.
  • I cautioned against repeatedly writing keywords adjacent to each other.

write an SEO compatible article to rank high in search engines

“Successful SEO is not about deceiving Google, but about building a partnership with Google in order to provide the best search results to its users.” Phil Frost - Founder of Main Street ROI

The question here is: How many times do I mention keywords in the article?

It is not logical for Google to specify a number or percentage of repetition, as the rule is clear, which is to use words in the correct place without intentionally bad repetition.

The “Yoast SEO” tool, which is one of the most famous SEO tools in WordPress blogs, explained that a 520-word article in which the keyword was mentioned only 16 times, meaning 3% is a good thing.

It is recommended to mention the keyword in the main title, in the article URL, in the alternative text of the image, and also in the article description.

5- Use motivational phrases

To write a successful article, you must use motivational phrases such as, “Now it is time to learn website SEO. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to write an article that is compatible with SEO.” Such ideas help to prolong the visitor’s stay on your site and make him motivated to read your article, and the longer the visitor stays. On the page, the more Google algorithms sense the quality and importance of your article, and thus it will be preferred in the initial search results.

6- Use transitional words

You should use signal words like: “first of all,” “secondly,” and “finally.” Words like “however,” “similarly,” and “for example” give a clear signal to your readers.

Readers will immediately get that the conclusion will be followed by words like “summarize” or “in brief.” Therefore, transitional words are very important to add a successful structure to your article and motivate the visitor to continue reading without getting bored.

7- Use headings and paragraphs

Subheadings (H2) help readers scan your page and clarify the purpose of your articles. It is important not only for readability, but it is also important for search engine optimization (SEO). For this reason, I also recommend using your keyword in some of the subheadings, “I mean some,” not all of the titles.

Try to use a subtitle every 300 words and no more than that. So that readability is good for the reader, and this is one of the conditions for the “Yoast SEO” tool located at the bottom of the WordPress blog.

Everyone uses paragraphs, but not well. Don't start every new sentence with a new line just because it looks pretty. Also try not to make it too long, as each paragraph should have its own idea, and separate each sentence from the next with a comma, and it is preferable that each paragraph not exceed 50 words or 300 characters.

Factors that lead the article to search engines

1- Building internal links

One of the most important factors for the success of SEO is building internal links, which is called “On Page SEO” or internal SEO. It is linking your articles to topics related to your topic. For example, I am now writing about how to write an article compatible with SEO and search engines. Previously, I talked about what SEO is and its benefit in improving search engines, so these articles must be linked with links that lead to each other.

2- Building external links

Like the previous step, but it is called “Off Page SEO” or “Backlink”. It is a very important factor in ranking high in search engine results and improving your site's SEO.

Backlinks: - are other sites that point to your site and invite visitors to view your blog, in order to gain the trust of search engines and speed up indexing so that it appears in the initial search results. One of the most important characteristics of backlinks or “backlinks” is that they have high domain authority, low spam score, and are reliable with Google. For more information, see an article about the importance of backlinks in ranking search engines.

3- Add pictures

One of the reasons for making the article compatible with SEO and friendly to search engines is the images, but there are some conditions in choosing the images, especially since you have heard about them previously: - The image must be appropriate for the article you are talking about, so do not write about SEO and put a sports image, for example.

The image must be copyright-free and of your own design, or modified with some additions.
The image description must contain the keyword of the article.
Try to reduce the image size as much as possible while maintaining its quality.
It is preferable to upload the image to the blog using “Webp” as the image is of small size and is also preferred for SEO. Here is the best site to convert images to Webp online.
The minimum size for article images is (600 width * 350 height) or according to your template design.

4- Video

It is preferable, but not necessary, to put a video in the article so that your article is complete with everything (content, exclusive images, video). It must also be about the topic you are writing about and not about another topic, and the video does not have to be yours.

5- Description of the article

We have come to the last thing about writing an article compatible with SEO. It is adding a short description to the article that contains the keyword. The article description must be up to 150 characters. Blogger also specified in its latest update that the maximum number of characters to describe any article is 150 characters.

6- Add a conclusion

The penultimate secret in writing an SEO-compatible article is to write a brief conclusion that explains the summary of your article. Taking into account placing the keyword in the conclusion.

But the last secret is to know whether your writing of the article is suitable for the reader or not. It is to read the article you wrote out loud more than once, and evaluate your topic and the competitor’s article. Is your article written in a smooth and coordinated manner? Are your words not repeated and without filler? There are also many tools for writing content according to SEO and search engine standards.

The most important tips for writing a successful, SEO-compatible article

  • Focus carefully on your goal first, then on the competitors, I mean those with the primary search results.
  • I know very well that writing an SEO compatible article is not difficult.
  • Competing with large sites is also not difficult, as they do not seem big, but it requires a lot of effort and work.
  • Choose a professional template with a calm color scheme so that the visitor will not be disturbed by your site.
  • Pay close attention to site speed because it is one of the most important conditions for the success of SEO on your site.
  • Writing an article compatible with SEO is not alone enough for the success of your site. Pay attention to building internal and external links, as we mentioned above.
  • The important advice is not to write sentences in the same color as the background because this is an important condition for accepting your blog in Google AdSense.
  • Blogger or WordPress are both good, but the preference is for WordPress because there are some SEO tools.

In conclusion, the field of SEO is a field of art, creativity, and communication with the subconscious mind of the reader, so if you want to learn SEO, search engine optimization, and lead the initial search results. This is not difficult, because you are no less than those who learned before you and achieved the best results.

Read other people's articles and see how he distributes his words and how he motivates you to continue reading. In order to know how to write an article that is compatible with SEO conditions.

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