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The best sites for earning money from surveys

The best sites for earning money from surveys

The best sites for earning money from surveys

Are you looking for the best sites for earning money from surveys? Many people want to achieve a source of side income by earning money from surveys. Especially since paid surveys have now become the most popular ways to make money from the Internet for beginners, for example, participating in paid online survey sites.

But before starting to explain the best sites for making money from surveys, you must first know what surveys are, what is the benefit of these surveys, and whether these sites are honest or not.

We will answer all these questions in this article.

What are surveys or questionnaires?

In short, questionnaires are a way to express your opinion about new products and deals offered by international companies, and in return for this, you get points or currencies that you can convert into money and withdraw from electronic banks such as PayPal or others.

These questionnaires are general questions about a product, and your role in this is to answer these questions and then you get money.

Opinion surveys are one of the most popular ways to make money online for beginners who do not have the capital to risk spending on something they have no experience with. This is what distinguishes surveys, as you do not need to spend any money to profit through surveys.

Is the profit from surveys honest?

Whether profit from surveys is honest or not, this is certainly a question that occupies many people, especially beginners in the field of profit from the Internet. 

Especially since there are positives and negatives in any field, so the answer is definitely that making money from online opinion polls is honest and you can make or win additional money without the need for prior experience to be able to work on freelance sites.

However, you must make sure that the site you choose has a good reputation and is worth the time you spend on it. Therefore, simple rules must be taken into account to achieve the appropriate profit, and the most important of these rules are:

Do not pay to use survey sites:

You never have to pay in order to profit from surveys. You are the only person who is supposed to get paid. If the opposite happens, this means that you are likely to be deceived by the site.

Do not rely on survey sites as your primary source of income:

You can have a fun time by filling out surveys and questionnaires as well as earn some extra money. But it cannot be relied upon as a primary source of income, as you can spend many minutes filling out some questionnaires in exchange for money.

You can also work on multiple profitable survey sites, not just one site, so I have prepared the 6 best honest sites for profit from paid surveys that you can start with and then try the rest of the sites.

Think realistically in order to invest time:

If you think that filling out surveys is something that only takes a few minutes, then you are thinking wrong because there are many surveys that can take from 15 to 30 minutes.

Do not expect quick profit:-

Often it takes a few days or weeks to receive the profit until you are able to earn enough points or money to be able to withdraw it. Therefore, be patient and do not think that this site is lying, as the money transfer process can take a month or more, especially if you rely on profit from Arab opinion poll sites.

The best sites for earning money from surveys:

There are many options that we have collected for you so that you can make a profit from surveys through the Sadiq website and the withdrawal is immediate, and this is one of the best 5 honest survey sites as follows.

1- YouGov website:

YouGov  is one of the best paid survey sites and the most famous Arab sites through which you can make a profit very easily by answering a group of surveys.

You can withdraw all the points that you will obtain after you reach 5,000 points for $50. You can withdraw them through the Western Union service without the need for any bank account.

Through this site, you will get a bonus when you register, as well as bonuses when you invite your friends to the site, and many other bonuses and prizes that will amaze you.

2- Toluna Influencers platform: 

Toluna  is the largest opinion poll site on the Internet. The Toluna platform includes more than 21 million users in 50 countries and 28 languages, including Arabic. Especially since Toluna has been recording the opinions of its customers for 10 years.

Toluna Surveys website or company is a global company and a leader in the field of opinion surveys, and an honest website for withdrawing money via PayPal or any other payment method.

Toluna is a profitable site based on offering paid surveys and opinion questionnaires for international companies and large brands. The most prominent of these companies are Amazon, Sony, Coca-Cola, and the international car company Fiat, as well as many, many more famous brands that rely on taking the opinion of their customers and users before launching any specific product. This is to know the success rate of this product before putting it on the market.

You can answer surveys very easily, whether on the website or surveys that are sent via your email.

However, any survey takes at least 15 to 20 minutes for you to answer. You will be able to get 15 to 50,000 points from any survey. You can exchange these points for a credit balance that you can exchange for gift cards from many important stores such as Amazon, Macy's and Target.

Join the Toluna survey platform

3- ysense website for surveys:-

ysense is an American website based in the United States that also works on offering paid questionnaires and opinion polls, and then you can earn dollars.

The ysense website is one of the easiest sites to make money through surveys, but to use the site you must use a VPN. The site does not work in some Arab countries (some, not all).

All you need to register on the Yesense website is an email, a PayPal account, and a VPN. I was in an Arab country banned by the website.

Register with ysense

Download  the ysense application  for Android

See also: vpn

4- My points website:

My Points  is one of the most important and best sites  online surveys . This site has been around for many years and rewards all members and customers in many ways when the required tasks are completed. You can get your profit in cash, or through gift cards for the most famous online stores. As well as by earning money from games or watching videos.

How to profit from the My Points website:-

The method of making money from any opinion poll site always depends on collecting points and then converting them into money.

Once you register on the my points website and confirm and activate the account through the link that will arrive in your email, you will receive 60 points as a registration bonus. You can then answer questions, questionnaires, or opinion polls.

You will get 50 points if you are qualified to answer these questions. You will receive 10 points if you are not eligible to complete this questionnaire.

When you invite friends to register on the platform through your referral link, you will get 25 points for each registration.

You can also increase your points share on My Points by watching advertisements on the site, or downloading some Android games and passing some stages.

The site requires a VPN, but it works in some Arab countries.

Register for My Points

5- ipsosisay website:-

The ipsosisay website  is the same as the former Pewarding Panel website, and it is one of the most famous sites for profit from surveys in the Arab world, and it is one of the first sites that I worked on when I did not have capital. It is true that I did not withdraw money, but some people I know did withdraw profits.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 for every 500 points, and when you register on the site, it sends you daily surveys via your email.

6- Swagbucks website

Swagbucks  is one of the oldest sites for earning money from paid surveys without prior experience, and the method of withdrawing money from it can be withdrawn via PayPal or Amazon marketplace cards.

Swagbucks is an American website in English, and like the previous sites, it does not open in some Arab countries and requires a VPN.

Create an account on Swagbucks

How to earn $100 a day from surveys:

How can you earn $100 a day from surveys? This is the biggest question that many people search for so that they can add an additional source of income.

In short, if you want to make $100 a day through surveys, this is in your dreams, my friend. All I can help you with is that you can make $300 a month through paid surveys by participating in 6 opinion poll sites, each of which gives you $50 a month.

If you think that earning money from surveys makes you achieve a lot of profits and saves you from your current work, then this is not true if it is the case that everyone works in surveys and leaves their main job.

You can spend some free time answering surveys. This is so that you can collect the largest number of points and exchange them instantly for cash or gift cards.

All you need to do is have a PayPal account so you can withdraw your profits through it.

See also: How to create and activate a Pay Pal account.

The most important tips for making a profit from surveys:-

  1. There are some tips that the Gulf Information Technology website collected about profiting from Google opinion polls, and these are the most important tips:
  2. You must answer the questions correctly according to your personal thinking and inclinations, and do not lie when answering the questions directed to you.
  3. You are not allowed to access the site through more than one account.
  4. Invite your friends to the site so you can earn more points.
  5. Make sure that you have entered all personal data correctly.
  6. Check your e-mail periodically throughout the day to ensure that no recent surveys have arrived.
  7. You can add any other method provided by the site in order to earn points. For example, watching videos and playing games in order to increase your points.

The most important frequently asked questions for a better profit process:

Do online paid survey sites really pay customers?

Of course, payment is made through these sites, but you must follow the tips and instructions that we have collected for you. Most importantly of all, you make sure of the trustworthiness of the site you have chosen to work through.

Can paid survey sites pose any risk to your personal information?

Make sure that these sites are impossible to cause any risk to your personal information, such as your email, your bank account, and other information.

In conclusion , these were the 6 best sites for making money from paid opinion surveys. There are also many more sites for making money from the Internet for beginners, which we will explain to you in detail in the upcoming articles.    

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