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Research on Artificial intelligence AIOPS

Research on Artificial intelligence

Introduction to artificial intelligence

Nowadays, the concept of artificial intelligence is a pervasive concept in all fields. Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to perform human cognitive functions using the smartest human methods as humans do such as perceiving, learning, reasoning and problem solving. The standard for artificial intelligence is human level in terms of the difference between thinking, speech and vision.

The goal of artificial intelligence is to make a computer or robot capable of thinking in the same way as intelligent humans. That is, studying the way the human mind thinks and the way it makes decisions and acts when solving problems. And then make smart software systems that simulate that. The goal, as mentioned earlier, is to improve computer functions associated with human knowledge such as thinking, learning, and problem-solving.

In short, AI provides the latest technology to handle complex data that humans cannot handle. For example, AI automates complex tasks and this allows humans to focus on other tasks. The application of artificial intelligence greatly helps in reducing costs and increasing revenues.

A group of mutual posts between  Mark Zuckerberg  , founder of Facebook, and Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla, ignited about artificial intelligence, its future, and its impact on humans, and whether it would be beneficial to humans or an enemy to them, which made social networking users ask about the extent of the impact of artificial intelligence on human beings. their future.

What is artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is simply working on developing hardware and software to be qualified to do what humans do, and in a simpler way it is trying to develop hardware and software to simulate the human mind, and a group of large companies in the field of technology are working on developing these computers and programs in order to reach the desired results.

This field is witnessing a very rapid development that exceeds the expectations of scientists and specialists, and this matter can be strongly felt through the development of programs for smart phones, tablets and computers every day, and if we go back a little to science fiction films that were talking about “robots”, they were able to get out of control human control And he became intellectually independent, like the “Terminator” movie series about a robot that declared war on humans.

But can you believe that this actually happened several months ago

Some time ago,  the famous Microsoft” company launched an artificial intelligence software on the social networking site “Twitter” in order to interact with humans directly without the control of programmers, but what happened was a surprise, as the software turned within one day into a Nazi character calling for the burning of all the Jews of the earth as well as Advocates for women's rights in the world.

This prompted the company to stop the experiment and delete all the tweets it had made. On the other hand, a Japanese-made artificial intelligence software wrote a short story, and it was able to pass the first stages of a famous literary competition. What is really interesting is that these developments occur during very close periods of time, proving that intelligence software Artificial intelligence has become able to develop itself without needing human development, but it is still under control so far, and this may be what worries many scientists in the field of software, about what if humans lose control of these smart software in the future, what will be the fate of humanity?

Elon Musk  and a large number of software workers may see that the development of artificial intelligence is the greatest threat to the future of humans, and he expects that humans will become second-class citizens in the future if we do not stop supporting the development of artificial intelligence quickly 

And that the scenario of wars between humans and robots is no longer a fantasy, and a group of senior software workers and scientists headed by Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have already signed an open  letter  to ruling regimes around the world, as well as those interested. in artificial intelligence, not to develop military software for them. War capabilities, alerting the world that this increases the possibility of using these military technologies and weapons against humans in the event that they make unilateral decisions, which will lead to the destruction of humans.

On the other hand, Google and Facebook are working on the development of artificial intelligence, not interested in previous fears. Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that the expectations of Elon Musk and others are somewhat imaginary, and that artificial intelligence will use humanity in the future in all fields, and he expects that these smart systems It will be credited with saving thousands of people who die  due  to human errors.

The Muslim scientist who predicted the existence of the robot

The famous Muslim scientist Jabir bin Hayyan, nicknamed the father of chemistry, predicted a long time ago that humans can make inanimate objects have the ability to practice various tasks, and also make decisions and help people and coexist with them, which made people at that time accuse him of being demented, and with the passage of time and the scientific development he is witnessing We discover that he was the first to predict the possibility of making robots, and this is what the world is witnessing now.

Conclusion on artificial intelligence

In conclusion, we must know the role of artificial intelligence today. Artificial intelligence is the dominant technology today, and there is no doubt that artificial intelligence will dominate in the future. Artificial intelligence plays a big role in various fields now and in the coming years for sure. The concept of artificial intelligence entered many different fields and reduced the need for workers in some areas because artificial intelligence combines many skills at one time.

The concept of artificial intelligence has evolved significantly in recent years in particular. After artificial intelligence was just an idea, the concept of artificial intelligence has shifted from being thought to being implemented until it has become an important part of life today. By knowing the development of artificial intelligence from the past until now it is possible to know the present and future of artificial intelligence. It is also possible to predict the great role of artificial intelligence in the future.

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