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How to create a Blogger blog and Profit from it 2024


How to Create a Blogger Blog And Profit From it 2024

How to create a Blogger blog and Profit from it 2024

And one of the best and most suitable sources for many is to create a Blogger blog and profit from it, as many have a specialization in which they can talk and transfer their information and experiences to others, and blogs are a very suitable way to do that.

On the profitable side, it also has many different advantages, the most important of which is that it does not make you restricted to a specific means of profit such as selling a service or commodity, but rather you can innovate and use your own way to profit from the specialty or topic that you offer.

If you want to create a Blogger blog and profit from it and do not know where to start, or you are curious to know the different ways to profit from Blogger blogs, or you want some tips to apply them in your blog, you will find all that and more in this article.

Blogger blog:  It is a free blogging service provided by Google since it purchased it in 2003 from the company Pyra Labes, and blogs are displayed in it under the name of a “blogspot.com” subdomain, and anyone - with a Google account only - can create a blog on it, and start Publish at any time completely free of charge.

Steps to prepare a Blogger blog in order to profit from it

1. Determine the niche of your blog

The first and most important step that you need to take in order to create a Blogger blog and profit from it is to know what expertise and information you have that you can provide to others in order for them to visit your blog, as your blog must be distinguished in a field in order to be able to attract visitors and overcome competitors.

Even if you do not have a specific specialization or field that you learn a lot about, you still have another opportunity, which is your hobbies. You certainly have a specific hobby that you learn a lot about, and in which you can provide good content that attracts those interested in the same hobby.

After selecting some potential topics to be the specialty of your blog, you have to know the target audience and the most profitable of them, and by taking these two factors into account, you will be able to reach the best topic for you to blog on.

2. Research your specialty

The blogging process is not limited to writing, but rather it contains a lot of research and planning that if you do not do it, you will often not reach the results you aspire to, and the process of attracting visitors will be much more difficult than you can imagine.

And the first point that you have to research is the blogs that compete with you, as it will benefit you greatly to know the way they present their content … whether in the way of writing or in the form and design of the blog, etc., and thus you will reach the best way to present your content.

Also, researching the content of competitors will also give you an idea of ​​the ways in which they profit from the blog. It may be by providing them with a specific service or a specific course, or even a paid subscription for additional content, and we will mention all the ways to profit from the Blogger blog at a future point.

3. Create a blog on Blogger

Now that you have completed the above and know the path that you will follow within the blog, you are ready to start creating and working on it.

Here are the steps you will need:

a)  Visit  the official Blogger website  and register on it via Gmail, and it is preferable to create a dedicated Gmail email for the blog in order to make it easier for you to separate personal messages from blog messages.

b)  Adjusting the blog settings, after you enter the email and password, you will be taken to another page asking you to create the blog name and address on the Internet, and it will be created automatically.

As you have seen, creating a blog on Blogger is very easy and smooth and does not require any costs, but you still have to take some additional steps to improve it, which we will mention in the following.

To find out all the details of creating and adjusting a Blogger blog, review our article “How to create a free Blogger blog (steps explained with pictures)”, in which you will find a detailed explanation with illustrations.

4. Design a distinctive look for your blog on Blogger

In continuation of the previous step and you have completed the creation of the blog on Blogger, it is now a page without any features, and you have to make the blog compatible with future visitors, and you can easily define this format by knowing the category of visitors that you target.

Ways to profit from blogger blog

1. Ads

It is the most traditional way to profit through blogger blogs, and it is simply to allow ads to be displayed in your blog in the form and manner you want in return for obtaining profit according to clicking on these ads or viewing them by visitors.

There are several factors that determine this amount, the first and most important of which is the traffic of your blog, the more traffic you have, the more you will earn from this method, and the placement of the ad on your blog can also control the profit rate.

And you can implement this method using many tools, the most used of which is  Google Adsense , which is a program affiliated with Google that allows you to place advertising spaces on your blog and profit from it.

But in order to be able to profit from them, you will need a good minimum amount of traffic on your site, and you will have to try more than one place to display these ads on the blog in order to find the best and most profitable ones.

2. Affiliate marketing

This method is used by all content providers in all fields and platforms, as it is the easiest method.

It is simply that you put a link to one of the products or services on the Internet inside your blog, and when one of your readers clicks on it, you get a percentage of the value of the purchase that he made.

And not in an insignificant way, for a large number of bloggers and website owners, it is a single source of income.

Most companies provide links for commission marketing, and you can also contact them to get your own link that guarantees you profit.

But make sure that the product that you will advertise is related to the content you write about in the blog or is useful to the category that reads to you, and you should try more than one product in order to learn about the preferences of your visitors and the things that attract them.

3. Selling physical products

In contrast to the previous methods that we mentioned, this method is not suitable for all types of content introduction, as there are a large number of domains for which there is no physical commodity that can be sold to visitors.

But if your content accepts the sale of physical products, then this will be very useful to you, as you will be able, through your blog, to display the advantages of the product that it provides and the differences that make it better than the rest of the market goods.

Also, the fact that you have a blog in the same field of that commodity, this alone gives you credibility for customers in providing a good product so that it does not come back negatively on your blog.

And the biggest advantage of this method of selling is that you already have the category you want to sell to on your blog and you won't be searching for it from scratch.

This commodity can take many forms depending on the content. It could be books, electronic devices, or even an accessory or clothing with phrases or graphics related to this content, and it is not required that you be involved in its manufacture in any way, but your role can be limited on display and delivery to buyers.

4. Selling courses

Surely you have heard before about how profitable the field of creating and selling courses on the Internet is, it is a very prominent field for a long time, and it is one of the most laborious ways to make it, as you will have to create the entire content of the course in any way, and your role will not be limited to presentation Like the previous methods.

And if the content you write in is entertainment, then this type is probably not for you, because even if there is space in this entertainment field to create a course, most likely there will not be many people interested in buying it.

It is preferable that those who provide this type of service provide educational or cultural content, which are the areas in which people are willing to pay money to obtain educational content for it.

5. Create paid content

This method of profit from the Blogger blog is very similar to the method that precedes it, but there are some differences between them. Paid content can be presented with any type of content in several forms.

If your blog provides educational content, you can offer more content with better features and extras for the price that the user pays, such as the ability to ask questions and upload content.

Even if your content is entertaining, you still have the opportunity to use this method, by offering additional advantages over paid content that are not found in the regular type, whether by enabling it to be seen earlier or by recommending the reader for the things you prefer to the blog owner.

Paid content does not have to be a one-time only, but it is preferable to pay an amount of money periodically in exchange for content that is also generated periodically.

6. Provide services related to your content

Instead of promoting your services on freelancing sites or on social media, you can promote them on your Blogger blog.

This is because visitors to the blog will be the most popular target groups for the service you provide, and displaying it on an electronic blog showing your experience in this field will also encourage them to seek your help.

In addition to avoiding the costs that freelance sites impose on their users, you will be able to offer your services the way you want and adjust the price as you want, and you will have full control over everything that happens in them.

Think about the services related to the content you provide, how you can best present it to visitors, the appropriate pricing and payment methods for those services, and start implementing.

8 Tips tips on creating a Blogger blog and making money from it

1. Track your blog analytics

One of the most important steps that you need to take after you finish building and publishing your blog on Blogger; It tracks your blog analytics, studies your visitors' preferences and what blog topics they most like, and focus on those topics.

And this step you can do easily, as the Blogger blog provides you with some details about your blog visits, and you can also use one of the free tools such as  Google Analytics  to obtain them.

2. Post in bulk

You have to bear in mind when posting on your Blogger blog, especially at the beginning, that you have to publish in large quantities in order to be able to draw attention and attract the largest number of visitors, but the quantity should not affect the quality of the content, as quality is also very important.

3. Focus on useful content, not explosive content

Surely you have seen before a post or video discussing a certain popular topic that has a large number of visitors on a page that is very poor in the number of subscribers and visits in general, because it does not depend on providing useful content that provides it with a steady rate of visits that increases moderately, which makes it disqualified To be a source of income for its owner.

So ignore that type of content, and focus on providing useful content that is guaranteed to be profitable in the long run.

4. Make your content engaging

All elements of your blog should encourage visitors to enter and continue reading to the end, because people get bored quickly, especially with readable content, so you have to make the experience as interesting as possible, whether in the title, site design, speed, or even the way you write.

Note:  This point is very important in your success in creating a Blogger blog and profiting from it continuously and satisfactorily, and you have to work on it constantly.

5. Avoid false titles

Continuing the previous point, the title should not only be interesting, but also necessarily true to what the visitor will find inside the blog.

This is not only to provide a better experience for your visitors, but also to avoid bouncing off the site quickly and negatively affecting your blog in search engines, and you will lose a large number of visitors forever.

6. Update your content

If you started blogging a long time ago, then surely your blog contains a number of articles that are not appropriate to the current time and that need some updating.

By investing some time in updating this content, you will make your blog appear more professional in front of visitors and search engines.

7. Choose a fairly large major

At the beginning of the article, we advised you to choose a topic that you are good at in order to start blogging about it, but some people make a mistake at that point, as they choose a very limited topic to talk about, which makes them with time not find new content to write about, so make your blog specialization large enough to be comfortable with after.

This, of course, does not conflict with specialization, but the bottom line here is that you choose a field for your blog that you can constantly produce content for and that has demand from Internet users.

8. Don't wait for results in the short term

Creating a Blogger blog and profiting from it is one of the long-term ways to profit from the Internet. And to start relying on the blog as a source of income is a process that takes some time to happen.

It can take months to blog until you start seeing a return, so make your expectations reasonable before you start.


Many people who surf the Internet all day long want to have a source of income that will make them earn money with the least amount of fatigue and suffering they face in their jobs.

Creating a Blogger blog and profiting from it is one of the best ways to do that. The article you wrote a year ago on the blog will still return you money until today, which makes it one of the best ways to generate passive income online.

And since creating a Blogger blog and profiting from it may be a complicated or ambiguous matter for many; In this article, we have covered all the details related to creating a blog, along with the ways in which you can earn money through the blog.

All this is in addition to some tips that will save you a lot of effort and time in the future.

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