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Create an AdSense account for YouTube, blog, and AdMob

Create a Google AdSense account: Create an AdSense account for YouTube, blog, and AdMob

Create an AdSense account for YouTube, blog, and AdMob

As a blogger, YouTuber, or even interested in making money from the Internet and ways to make money, or as a follower of our blog SILL WEB, you have probably heard of Google AdSense or profit from Google AdSense.

Creating an AdSense account is considered one of the most requested things on Google, as there is a lot of research on how to create a Google AdSense account and link it to your YouTube channel or electronic blog, as well as AdMob for profit from applications.

If you are a YouTuber who wants to profit from AdSense and increase his income, or even a blogger who wants to link his blog with Google AdSense, then you are in the right place.

After reading this article, you will realize how to create a Google AdSense account easily and step by step. We will also learn about the method approved by Google to create a professional account easily and conveniently.

Therefore, continue reading the article until the end, word for word and sentence for sentence, and focus carefully on every sentence you read, and if you do not understand anything, re-read it again.

Create a Google AdSense account

In the following lines, we will learn about a set of steps to create an AdSense account in easy and simple steps and what you will need to  create a professional account using the Google method  and in a very reliable way.

We will also answer a group of questions that are constantly asked about how to create an AdSense account in a very professional and simple way.

Therefore, I will advise you again to complete reading this article to the last word.

What do I need to create an AdSense account?

There are a set of things that you will need in order to create a professional AdSense account quite easily.  You will need two important things, which are as follows:

Google account

Of course, you will need a Google Gmail account in order to create an AdSense account. If you use Gmail or have a YouTube channel or blog, then of course you know that a Google account is very necessary in order to profit from the Internet.

It is preferable that you create an AdSense account with your personal information, because it will be important in recovering your account if any problem occurs.

Your content

Whether you are creating content on YouTube, blogging, or have applications, you will have at least started creating content. To create an AdSense account, you need to have the content  that you created from the beginning, whether on the blog or on the YouTube channel.

The reason is that Google does not accept stolen content or anything that violates its policy regarding content and non-content.

How to create an Admob account

Creating an Admob account  is not that difficult. Creating a professional account through Admob is very easy and does not require experience from you. You can follow the following steps in order to create an Admob account easily and quickly. 

Warning : If you create an AdMob account, you have at the same time created a Google AdSense account, and you can also link it to the channel, website, and blog, because they are related to the mother, which is Google AdSense.

1. Go to Admob

Initially, as a first step, you need to access  the registration page, either by clicking here  or on the link below. *It will direct you directly to a page to register your personal information.

After you click on the link above, you will go directly to the registration page as shown below.

After *you will click directly on Subscribe in blue in order to go to the page for filling out personal information.

2. Fill in personal information

After you click on AdMob login, you will be automatically directed to a page where you can write your email or Gmail, as shown in the images below.

Type your email address and click  Next . It is best that the email is not registered with it on other sites and is only for creating an AdMob account.

The next step is to enter  the password , where you can fill in the field with your email password and click Next.

3. Choose the country and time zone in AdMob

After registering your email and personal account information, the next stage comes, which is choosing the country you currently live in and the time zone.

When you click Next, a page will pop up as shown below.

When you click on the first field, a list of countries will pop up for you from which you must choose the name of your country. Pay close attention to choosing the country so that you do not make a mistake because it is difficult to change the country after registration.

Of course, you can contact the AdSense team to solve the problem of changing the country for you, but you must be a resident of that country and have a bank account.

The matter is very simple: if you live in the Kingdom of Morocco, choose Morocco, if you live in Egypt, choose Egypt, and so on. 

It's simpler than you might expect when it comes to the time zone. All you have to do is choose the time zone of your city.

The next stage is to  agree to the terms . After you have chosen the country and time zone, you will need to go to the bottom of the page and agree to the terms and conditions of the Google AdSense service.

After that, you click on Create an AdMob account at the bottom to be directed to the options page as shown below. You need to mark Yes in all the options and click on Continue to the AdMob account in blue.

After that, you will be directed directly to your personal account page on Admob, as shown in the image below.

All you have to do at this stage is close the AdMob page, and enter  the Google AdSense page by clicking here or on the link below , in order to move to the next stage and create an AdSense account.

How to create a Google AdSense account for a blog

In order to create your account or Google AdSense account for the blog in a simple way and with steps explained in detail, you will need to complete reading this article and apply the steps described below, one by one.

1. Go to Google AdSense

As a first step, you will need to go to Google AdSense in order to create your personal account. You can go to https://adsense.google.com/start/ or  click here to go directly to the page .

After that, a page will appear to you as below, so you must click on Start at the far top right.

It's simple as a first step, so we'll move on to the second step directly.

2 . Adsense login

When you click Start, the next step is to log in to your AdSense account. You fill in your personal information, including name, lineage, and other information that will be requested from you after logging in to your Google account.

If you have an AdMob account or have followed the steps we talked about above in order to create an AdMob account in a professional and simple way, you can save time by registering with the same Gmail and AdSense will automatically fill in the information for you.

After you click on Continue,  you  will go directly to the page below.

Here you will need to enter the link of your blog or website without choosing “je n'ai pas encore de site”. In the second box, choose the first option “  oui ”. After that, you click on the blue button to start with AdSense.

As a third step, you will need to enter the URL or link to your website or blog in order to display ads on it. We will learn in the following article how to add your website and YouTube channel to Google AdSense and activate profit from it.

3. How to enter your website URL when creating an AdSense account

When you subscribe to Google AdSense and create your account, you will need to add a title or link in order to activate profit. You can add a link to your blog and wait for AdSense’s response, whether acceptance or rejection.

As we explained above, during the stage of creating an AdSense account, you will be asked to enter your website link. 

If your website is hosted using Blogger or WordPress, click Move to AdSense.

For example, you will enter Blogger and go directly to Profits, and there you will request a direct link to the site.

 We will be able to prepare your account quickly, as sites hosted on either Blogger or WordPress are tracked faster.

After you click on Access your AdSense account, as shown in yellow in the image above, you will be directed to AdSense. You click on the websites on the right in order to enter the blog link.

You click on the New Site button as shown below in order to move to the next step.

The next step is simply to enter your blog link and wait for a response from AdSense with approval or rejection.

But you must add the AdSense code below the <head>.

How to link a blog to AdSense

Linking a blog to AdSense is very easy to understand. What you have to do is watch this video until the end and follow step by step so that you can link your blog to AdSense in a very easy way.

Create a Google AdSense account for YouTube

In order to create a Google AdSense account for your YouTube channel, the matter is simpler than you expect. All you have to do is follow all the steps we mentioned above.

However, in the second stage, while filling out your personal information, after you click Continue, you will be taken directly to the page below.

Instead of entering the link to your blog, you will just click on  I do not have a website .

You complete the steps that we explained above, and wait for the acceptance message, and when you fulfill the conditions for earning profits from YouTube through AdSense, your channel will be linked directly to AdSense.

Of course, if you do not previously have an AdSense account, you must fill in information such as your full name, also the residential address on the card, also the country, city, and postal code.

How to link YouTube channel to AdSense from phone

Watch this video that explains how to link an AdSense account to your channel and activate profit from your phone easily. I advise you to watch the video until the end and do not skip any part or second of the video because every second is very important to understand how to link your YouTube channel to AdSense easily.

The most frequently asked questions are about how to create a Google AdSense account

In this part, we will address the most frequently asked questions about how to create a Google AdSense account, and we will answer all the questions that come to your mind about this field.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is one of the ways to achieve profits and make money from the Internet, and it is a subsidiary of Google, where Google AdSense links content creators with advertisers in order to make money.

What are the conditions for subscribing to Google AdSense?

  1. High-quality, original content that attracts visitors and viewers.
  2. Unique and interesting content.
  3. You must be over 18 years old.
  4. Content that does not violate Google's community guidelines.
  5. AdSense policy must be followed.

What is the solution to the URL problem to open an AdSense account on YouTube?

You can watch the following video below, which we discussed for a comprehensive explanation of solving the AdSense link problem on YouTube. Do not forget to watch the video until the end.

Is it possible to open another AdSense account?

Of course you can. If you manage a specific business and want to create multiple accounts, you can create a different AdSense account for the business you manage.

But it is not possible to open two AdSense accounts with the same information and on the same computer.

When is the AdSense account activated?

When your account will be activated, Google AdSense will send you an email congratulating you on your activation, but on the condition that you receive the pin code, which is approximately 3 to 5 weeks late.

How do I know that I have an activated AdSense account?

It's very simple. You can look through your profile or payment profile on Google AdSense and see if your account has been activated or not.

In fact, the process is a bit complicated, but when you see that the AdSense owner extracted money that exceeds $100, here you will know for sure that it is activated with the pin code.

How do you receive your profits from AdSense?

  1. Enter payments, then go to payment information, then manage the payment method.
  2. Click on Add payment method.
  3. Change from bank transfer to bank account.
  4. Enter your bank account information from name and account number.
  5. Click Confirm and Continue.
  6. A specific amount will be sent to you and confirmed in the payment method manager.

What is the profit rate from Google AdSense?

It depends on a set of criteria in order to determine the profit rate from AdSense, but we can say that the profit rate in AdSense and the average profit per 1000 views is equal to between $2 and $30, depending on the site and channel.

What is Google AdSense code?

Google AdSense code is a software code built in the HTML language, which you copy and place on your site or blog in order for AdSense to show automatic ads on your blog.

This code is called the Google AdSense code, not a code, but we touched on the word code because many people mention it in the question.

What is title line 1 and 2 in AdSense?

Address line 1 serves as the primary address and it is considered very necessary that you fill it out very carefully. As for address line 2, it is also very important, but it is secondary and is considered an optional field that it is not necessary to fill out. 

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