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Amazon Affiliate marketing in 8 Key points


Amazon Affiliate Marketing in 8 Key Points

Have you ever heard of Amazon affiliate marketing? Do you want a source of profit from the Internet while sitting at home, and do you think that you have good marketing capabilities but do not know how to manage them?

Amazon affiliate marketing is the talk of the hour among marketers all over the world, and it is the place from which most marketers currently start, so let us introduce you to everything related to it.  There are many methods that enable you to profit, such as Amazon affiliate marketing, selling books, clothes, and others.

Amazon's profits in 2017 amounted to about 3.03 billion US dollars, while in 2020 the revenue was 386.064 billion dollars and the net profit was 21.300 billion dollars,  but in this article we will explain to you how to start affiliate marketing. Amazon. Follow with us until the end...  and first of all, let us know about marketing. By commission: 

Affiliate marketing:  It is a marketing activity in a type of business in which the employer gives the marketer or marketers a reward for every visitor or customer who purchases from the employer’s website.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing in 8 Key Points

 The most important points about Amazon affiliate marketing: 

1. Amazon affiliate:

Amazon Affiliate, or Amazon affiliate marketing, is the largest commercial online store in the world, as it is an American store that contains branches in various countries of the world, including Arab countries.

Many affiliate marketers aspire to work with it, especially in the Arab countries, and they often wonder about the Amazon website’s commission, as it relies heavily on affiliate marketing in selling the offered products and giving marketers currencies ranging from 3 to 10% of every sale made through it,  in addition to the fact that The largest and oldest online store in the world.

It enjoys high confidence among its customers all over the world, and therefore the conversions that occur when marketing for it are high, which contributes to achieving high profits for marketers.

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2. Amazon Affiliate Terms of Use:

It is safe to know Amazon's terms before joining it, because violating its terms will result in cancellation of the commission or closure of your account if you repeatedly violate its terms of use.

The most prominent of these conditions are the following:

  • The marketer must have his own platform, as Amazon prohibits marketing his products through special affiliate marketing links and marketing through social media platforms.
  • Amazon indicates that it avoids crude marketing methods for products, but allows them to be marketed through YouTube channels, websites, and private blogs.
  • It is not permissible to have a bank account with the American Pioneer Bank and link it to the marketer’s account on Amazon because the Amazon website only deals through American banks.
  • You should announce on your site that you take a commission for placing a referral link to Amazon products.
  • You should provide an honest description of the products you are promoting.
  • Do not mention the price of the product on your site, because prices change constantly. 
  • Prevents tracking links in an external source such as a digital book or email.

The rest of the conditions boil down to obtaining targeted visitors through honest recommendations of Amazon products.

Log in to Amazon Affiliate

3. How to register with Amazon Affiliate:

You can start with Amazon in simple steps, by registering for Amazon affiliate marketing, then taking your affiliate marketing links, and start promoting them directly.

  • Log in to the official Amazon website in your country and create your own account on the Amazon affiliate marketing program.
  • Browse all the products that Amazon offers through its website and choose the products that you want to promote and that match the content of your channel or website.
  • Create a link between these products and your site and a special channel, and click on the tracking tag for the products to obtain coins when purchasing through your site.
  • Amazon affiliate marketing gives marketers a set of tools that make it easier for them to easily display Amazon products on their own site, which leads to increased sales and profits.

4. Method of affiliate marketing on Amazon:

We all know that Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, and here we will explain what are the different marketing methods that enable you to profit from the Amazon affiliate marketing system, including:

  • FB:

The Facebook page is one of the easiest affiliate marketing methods for beginners and professionals that helps you market your product, especially because it is a completely free method, and you can also use your page or group to promote it.

  • Sponsored ads : 

If you want a quick method, you should use sponsored ads and various promotional campaigns, as they achieve correct targeting, thus achieving high sales through your affiliate marketing link, and as a result, you will earn large profits.

  • Blog:

Do not neglect your blog, as you can place an advertising link or banner for your product, thus ensuring greater sales and greater spread of your referral link. You can also create special landing pages to sell your products.

  • Youtube:

Of course, YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms in marketing, as visual content attracts attention more than writing, so you can make custom video clips to talk about and review your products, such as personal care tools and others, and do not forget to put your referral link in the video description to ensure purchase through it. Your profit.

Affiliate marketing methods

5. Ways to profit from Amazon:

Profit on Amazon does not depend on selling products only, but Amazon has ways to profit from the Internet, most of which earn you thousands of dollars per month, and here we will introduce you to all the ways that you can earn money from Amazon.

1. Profit from Amazon through affiliate marketing:

Profiting through affiliate marketing is the most powerful way that you can make a profit on Amazon and other electronic markets, as it is one of the methods that professionals rely on most to profit from the Internet.

It is promoting products on social sites. You invite people to buy the product from the referral link, which takes them to the Amazon product. If anyone buys that product, you earn a percentage of these profits.

2. Profit from designing Amazon T-shirts:

Amazon has provided a way to profit from the Internet by designing T-shirts and selling them on the Merch by Amazon platform, and I find this method to be one of the easiest ways to generate income, because it does not cost you anything, just Photoshop to design the T-shirts and create an account on Merch by Amazon.

Merch Bay is a little complicated in two ways: firstly, it is difficult to open an account, and secondly, it is strict to the point of suspending the account, in the event of any transgression or error. 

3. Profit from Amazon Kindle:

The idea of ​​Amazon Kindle is to offer books by authors and publishers for sale, that is, to market books and publications online and receive a commission from their sale, including: 

ebook:  These are books that you can read in PDF format, and you can also buy them in paper form. This type of book contains stories, novels, and scientific, cultural, historical, and philosophical books.

Also, professionals do not rely on this type of book to make a profit from Amazon Kindle because it is not difficult for them to write stories and lessons and it does not take a lot of time. You just have to be an author and master of the English language and understand its field very well.

Paperback:  More than 80% of professionals and beginners rely on it to earn money from the Internet, and this type depends on the skills of the designer of book covers and papers.

The percentage of profit from designing book covers is divided into three sections: taxes, book printing, and the rest. 

Amazon commission

6. Amazon affiliate marketing features:

Amazon is distinguished from other systems by a set of features that put it at the forefront.

  • Affiliate Marketing Amazon has a large number of products that you can market for.
  • You can get a source of income, as Amazon takes a large profit percentage that distinguishes it from other affiliate marketing systems.
  • Through the Amazon affiliate marketing system, you can market anywhere in the world.
  • One of the most important features of the Amazon website is that it is easily divided so that the marketer can search for the product easily and reach the product he wants to market.
  • Of course, Amazon is world-famous and has had a lot of sales, so every product has many reviews. This will help you in facilitating sales because the customer will have more confidence in the product and will buy as a result.
  • Amazon affiliate marketing provides a completely detailed explanation of each product, so that the customer can know all the information about the product he needs, and it will benefit you as a marketer to answer inquiries.
  • This system from Amazon makes many offers continuously, which increases the demand for these products. These offers are not only for buyers.
  • Amazon affiliate marketing is characterized by flexibility for marketers to prepare marketing campaigns that are appropriate to the nature of the audience you are targeting so as not to waste your time on wrong targeting.
  • Amazon affiliate marketing gives you all the guarantees that guarantee marketers the commissions they get from selling products, so the system has become safer and more reliable.
  • This affiliate marketing gives marketers a great opportunity to create reports to monitor performance and know the volume of your sales, and you can also know the free visits that you have made.
  • The Amazon affiliate marketing system provides easy and varied ways to obtain marketing materials for different products.

7. Disadvantages of Amazon affiliate marketing:

  • Amazon's commission rate is very low, as Amazon pays from 0 to 10% on sales, which makes it the lowest competitor in the offers it offers to affiliate marketers.
  • Although you may convert a high-value item and earn an excellent commission, you will likely only generate a few dollars per month.
  • You need a lot of visits from countries where there are many Amazon customers, and to achieve dozens and hundreds of sales daily to earn thousands of dollars per month.
  • Another disadvantage of Amazon affiliate marketing is that it does not support the marketing of products on Souq.com and uses it to market the products on it.
  • The other drawback is that you will not get your profits through PayPal, which is the easy method usually preferred by affiliate marketers, and therefore you will get them through bank payments, which takes additional time to get profits.

Amazon Marketing

8. Requirements for success as an Amazon affiliate marketer:

1. Your channel or website must have a large number of monthly and daily views or visits. The higher the number of views, the greater the possibility of earning profit through affiliate marketing.

2. Pay close attention to the content you provide through your YouTube channel and your website so that it contributes to increasing visits and displaying advertising.

3. Make sure to link the content provided with the products that are displayed so that they match the needs and desires of the visitor.

4. You can recommend that viewers or visitors to your site buy certain products through Amazon and increase confidence so you can make profits.

5. Amazon offers commissions on all products made by a customer who visits the site through you, whether you advertise a product or not.

At the end of this article, we invite you to start earning profit from Amazon affiliate marketing, as your shopping experience from Amazon will be an opportunity to enjoy the best prices and services.

My final advice to you regarding Amazon affiliate marketing is to follow the steps and information contained in this article, and then go to the Amazon affiliate marketing site and start working with it as a marketer.

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