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11 effective Steps to profit from Blogging online

11 effective steps to profit from blogging online (guide to profit from blogging)

11 effective Steps to profit from Blogging online

Blogging is one of the most important and popular methods for making profit from the Internet, as Arab youth achieve many excellent profits through it. The field of profit from blogging is characterized by its high flexibility and the availability of many sub-paths that can be relied upon to achieve profits.

This article provides practical and detailed steps for ways to profit from blogging, giving you a clear map that you can rely on to start in the field of blogging and achieve profitable profits. Let's start exploring this topic.

Before we continue

This article focuses on the practical steps to profit from blogging and does not repeat the basics that are supposed to be already known, such as the concept of a blog, how to profit from it, and basic tips for success as a blogger. If you are looking for this information, we have provided you with the useful links above, which cover these topics comprehensively.

If you are new to the world of blogging, we recommend that you check out the previous resources. If you have some experience, let's start without wasting any more time.

Profiting from the Internet: What are the steps to profit from blogging?

In the world of blogging, many beginners fall into the trap of not determining the method of  making money from the Internet  that will suit them or focusing seriously at the beginning of their journey, and this leads to either stopping writing due to not achieving the desired financial return or surrendering to writing in fields that do not appeal to them in order to achieve any income.

1. Determine which method of profit from blogging you will rely on first

There are a variety of ways to profit from writing online, such as:

  • Profit from advertisements .
  • Profit from self-employment .
  • Profit from writing on paid publishing platforms .
  • Profit from affiliate marketing .
  • Profit from selling digital products .
  • Profit by selling services .

Many people do not prefer freelancing, and there are others who may not be inclined to profit from advertising due to the time required to achieve revenue. So choose carefully the method that appeals to you and matches your style and diligence.

Determine your first method and stick to it until you achieve good financial success, and then you can adopt other methods of profit. This first step is the right start to making profitable profits from blogging.

2. Determine the field of specialization (Niche)

The basics of choosing a specialized field are one of the main factors in your journey to profit from blogging, and you must understand the meaning of this term and its variations well.

In this step, you must choose a specific industry or field to write about, such as writing about food, marketing, health, and other fields.

The secret to this choice lies in your passion and personal interest; You will not achieve success as a writer unless you write about topics that excite you and represent your interests, and this will enable you to provide inspiring and distinctive content that readers will interact with.

This step is very crucial, as many beginners in the world of blogging ignore the importance of choosing a specific field, which exposes them to not achieving success in the field of profit from blogging.

3. Check the profitability of your niche

This step is a continuation of the previous step. After choosing the niche based on your passion, you must ensure the profitability of this field and the extent of its demand in the market.

There are ways to check this:

The amount of websites specializing in the niche you chose reflects the demand for this type of article in the market. This type of verification is suitable for people targeting advertising or freelancing in the blogging field.

Is your search on the main topics in the niche showing ads in the search results on Google? If you find ads, this indicates that there is competition and companies are willing to pay money for good content to make profits.

Are there multiple affiliate marketing programs in the niche you chose? Your search for affiliate marketing programs in your field can be an indication of the profitability of that field.

4. Understand your audience well

Make sure you understand the goal of this step, as making quick income is the goal. So, choose a niche that offers many opportunities and ways to profit, and quickly reach your financial goal.

Understanding the audience is the difference between the success of any blogger and another. Understanding your audience means knowing every possible detail about the target audience you are speaking to with each piece of your content.

These details include:

  • Problems faced by this audience.
  • The desires and goals he pursues.
  • Educational level.
  • marital status.
  • Function.
  • Interests and habits.
  • The language this slide uses.

For example, I'm fully aware that I'm writing this article for hobbyists who are interested in writing, usually college students starting their journey into the world of online work. This category is the most searched for writing related topics on the internet.

It is important to determine which segment you are targeting with your content. If the niche you chose is based on a specific category of individuals, your task will be much easier.

Always remember that every piece of content targets a specific audience segment. You will not write content to target everyone on the Internet, but rather your goal will be clear by directing your content towards this target segment.

5. Select the appropriate platform to start earning from blogging

Determining the appropriate platform to start earning from blogging depends on several factors, including your ultimate goal, your niche, and the method of communicating with your target audience. Here are some tips for selecting the right platform:

Define your goal : What is the purpose of blogging? Do you want to build your own website and have full control over the content and marketing? Or would you rather join a ready-made platform to start writing right away?

Niche and target audience : Is your niche compatible with a specific platform? For example, if you're targeting a specific audience in business and marketing, platforms like LinkedIn or Medium may be a good fit.

Determine the type of content : Do you only write articles or do you intend to use multimedia such as video and images? Platforms like YouTube are excellent for video, while Instagram is preferred for images and visual interaction.

Flexibility and ease of use : Some platforms offer greater flexibility in customizing content and page design, such as WordPress. While platforms like Blogger and Medium offer a simple and easy-to-use environment.

Interaction and audience : Do you want to work directly with your audience or do you prefer a platform that allows greater interaction? Some platforms allow live comments and interaction, which can have a positive impact on building an audience and reader interactions.

Marketing and Support : Some platforms provide built-in marketing tools or technical support for publishing content. Choose a platform that provides tools and support that may make it easier for you to achieve your desired goals.

Before making a final decision, do your research and explore trying several platforms, and analyzing how your content performs on each platform. Then compare the results to choose the most appropriate niche for your goals in blogging and making money from it.

6. Improve your SEO skills and keep up with new things

Relying on SEO rules alone is not enough to succeed in the world of blogging. In addition to understanding On-Page SEO and headline writing techniques that increase CTR, there are many resources that can be utilized to develop your marketing skills, especially in the field of SEO.

My main advice is to have your own website, and try everything you've learned about SEO on your own website. You can also request results from clients you have dealt with to analyze numbers and improve your understanding of data and analytics.

7. Follow everything new in your field

No blogger is considered good unless he is knowledgeable and follows events and information in his field. Do you do the same work in your field? Do you have names of bloggers you follow? Are you aware of the latest research and studies in your field?

A successful blogger is also an educated person who follows events, so search for famous sites and influencers in your field and follow them regularly.

Note : Success in blogging requires producing high-quality content, but to become at the level of excellence, you must always stay up-to-date in your field by benefiting from the expertise of pioneers in your field.

8. The necessity of daily writing

You should write something new every day, whether on the keyboard or with a pen, this is one of the basic conditions for success in the world of blogging. Even if it's only a 20-minute writing session, the important thing is to keep going.

The main goal is continuous writing. You can write anything, even if it's just a summary of what you've recently read. Try it yourself and you will notice a clear difference in the accuracy of your writing, the speed of formulating your ideas, and the ease of expressing them over time.

Important : Excellence in anything cannot be achieved without continuous practice. Your only way to success in the world of blogging and making profits from it is through writing daily and practicing it constantly.

9. Warning against being too busy

The writing process requires focus and mental dedication to collect ideas and formulate them in an elegant and attractive way. It is important that you avoid anything that might distract you while writing.

The period allocated for writing should be dedicated to just that. Therefore, it is necessary:

  • Stay away from the phone while writing.
  • Establishing a specific place to write helps stimulate focus and immersion in the task.
  • Avoid distracting activities such as answering email or browsing social media, unless it is part of the necessary research process before writing.

Do not forget that every minute of your time cannot be recovered, so time must be well organized. If you would like more tips to manage your time better, check out the following resources:

The best ways to manage time.

Specific steps to manage time effectively.

Effective applications for organizing time and increasing productivity.

In these sources you will find practical information and strategies that will help you practice overcoming busyness and thus increase your productivity during the writing process.

10. Constantly develop your writing style

How do you produce your content? Do you start with ideas and then research? Or do you indulge in research before starting to write? Do you start by writing the introduction or leave it until the end? How can you check?

Any successful blogger strives to constantly develop his style. Did you understand the meaning of the previous questions? Here are some ways to improve your writing style:

Compare articles from bloggers you follow. How has their style changed over time? What new did they introduce?

Keep a constant question : Why did you keep reading an article? What elements made it fun and useful? If you don't feel like continuing, why? This analysis helps in understanding different styles of writing and developing your own style.

  1. Review your previous articles regularly. Try to improve and modify it. This allows you to learn from your previous mistakes and improve your skills.
  2. Ask for feedback from professionals or people they trust. Take advantage of their feedback to improve your style and develop your content.
  3. Look at the statistics and engagement with your articles. These indicators are useful for understanding the quality and impact of your content.
  4. Developing a writing style requires persistence and continuous review, as it is an ongoing process based on experience and continuous analysis.

11. Use innovative ways to make a profit from blogging

Success in writing and making money from blogging requires thinking outside the box, and this applies to every aspect of this creative process. Let's look at some ideas:

One time I found myself watching a video from a YouTube creator, someone I follow regularly. Suddenly, I had a good idea for a video, so I turned that idea into a detailed article.

I prepared a suitable video script using this content and sent it to him. He took advantage of it in one of his videos and achieved a very good financial return.

Since then, we have continuously communicated and collaborated. Are you thinking of doing the same? Why not look for new ways to profit from your content writing skills?

Try to look carefully around you and identify available opportunities. You may find new areas that lead to profit. You can, for example, learn the art of writing marketing advertisements or the art of copywriting that is in demand in current markets.

As I mentioned earlier, continuing to learn, develop, and learn about market needs is the way to achieve sustainable success and generate a satisfactory income through blogging.

In conclusion, I wish you success in your journey in the world of blogging. Do not hesitate to ask any question or inquiry you have in the comments, as we will be ready to answer it as quickly as possible.

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