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What is digital marketing? all you need to best digital marketing campaigns

What is digital marketing? All you need to best digital marketing campaigns 

In this article, we will discuss what is digital marketing  or digital marketing? With the ease and possibility of connecting to the Internet every day, the percentage of users is increasing at a high rate. During the past three years only, the number of Internet users among adults increased from 5 to 10 percent. It is still increasing more and more every day, and the way of shopping and the way of buying has changed, and this means that the old marketing methods have not become as effective as they were in the past. Marketing in its traditional sense has always meant connecting with users in the right place and at the right time.

What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing? all you need to best digital marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing  : All marketing efforts in which we use an electronic device or the Internet. Companies benefit greatly from digital channels such as search engines, social media, e-mail, and websites. The goal is to communicate with customers and with current and potential users, the old traditional marketing methods of print ads and phone calls that we never answer or marketing by contacting the person face to face. But digital marketing via the Internet means that we have endless possibilities so that we can communicate with users and customers. Digital marketing is very important for your brand and your freelance business, in short, to be able to compete as a business owner or business owner you must use digital marketing.

What does digital marketing include?

1. SEO

 Many people think that the process of search engine optimization is a mysterious secret, and you have to be a scientist or an atom inventor to be able to know it. But the truth is much simpler than this. Search engine optimization involves making changes to the design of the site and content so that it appears in search engines for the user who is searching for something in Google. Google is interested in showing useful search results to the user, and search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo do a full check of your site to search for design elements and content. Until they determine the quality of the topics you raise on the site, and determine the ease of use, this process is called crawling. The better the site is on search engines, the more users will appear, when they search for it by keywords related to the product or service you provide. Search engine optimization is one of the best online marketing methods for many reasons, including getting free visits from search engine results and reaching targeted customers.

2. Search Engine Marketing

It is a form of Internet marketing, and its goal is to increase the visibility of the site in search engines by indexing and buying ads. It depends on the use of paid advertisements, to show the site with search results. One of its advantages is that the search results appear to the user at the moment when he is ready to buy. There is no other type of marketing that can do this.

3. Email or email marketing

There is no one in life who does not have an email, and if I choose between someone giving me the email so that I can add him to the list or to like the Facebook feature, I will definitely choose the email. The goal is to deliver a marketing message by e-mail, e-mail marketing is a very effective, effective and somewhat low-cost method, so that you can deliver your marketing message to existing customers and to potential or future customers. In order to start marketing to your customers via e-mail, you must start building an e-mailing list in the legal and correct ways.

4. Website

Websites are currently considered one of the very important marketing methods, because they are a gateway through which the customer can view and learn about our business and also increases the chances of selling. The ideal site should have a good design and good colors, commensurate with the site’s logo or the type of work you practice, easy to use and organized, and through it the customer can easily find the thing he is looking for. There will also be ways to communicate with the company, as well as links to social media channels, and it is very important that the site be visible on all types of devices, whether it is a computer, laptop, phone or iPad, meaning that the site is responsive.

5. Social Media Marketing

Who among us does not spend long hours browsing the Internet, and working on social networking sites, especially on Facebook. In order to be able to market through social networking sites, you must have a smart marketing plan, communicating with customers and linking them with your brand is a very large part of the formula for success in social media marketing. Which has gone from being an option to an absolute necessity.


6. Content

Have you heard of the term Content is King, Content is King Content Marketing or Content Marketing is a type of marketing that relies on creating and exchanging materials over the Internet. Such as videos, blogs and texts, which do not directly promote the brand, but aim to provide content that benefits the public and motivates them to interest in the products and services offered by this brand. Instead of direct marketing of products and services, the brand offers useful and relevant content to customers and potential customers, the goal of this content is to help them solve their problems.

All the digital marketing tools we talked about have one thing in common which is great content.

7. Marketing automation

The science of digital marketing is developing very quickly, to the point that companies could not keep up with this development, so we had to resort to technology to solve this problem. Marketing automation came in order to simplify and solve the many technological complexities imposed on us by digital marketing, which is a technological or software system that links all these processes together and has many advantages. These include developing and implementing email marketing campaigns, creating a customer database, scheduling content, tracking marketing campaigns, forecasting and providing consulting services. This type of marketing automation is not limited to giant companies, but also includes medium, start-up and small companies.

Advantages of digital marketing

1. Ease of communication with customers

Institutions and business owners can communicate quickly and easily with customers, as well as for customers, so they can express their opinions and suggestions with institutions quickly and anywhere in the world. For example, a customer can give a positive or negative evaluation of the company, by writing a comment on one of the company's Facebook pages. This also helps the organization to understand the needs and desires of customers and then develop its products and services to achieve their satisfaction.

2. Ease of defining the target audience

Through advanced artificial intelligence techniques, it has become possible to know all the characteristics of customers and then determine the target group that we want to market to. Among the characteristics that must be paid attention to are:

  • customer age
  • Gender male or female
  • His inclinations and desires
  • Its location on the map
  • The websites he browses
  • The words he searches for in search engines

For example, if you are looking for electronic devices, or visit a site that talks about phones, you will encounter some advertisements that are in the same specialty as phones.

3. Flexibility in cost

By cost here, we mean the budget that you spend for your marketing campaign, as it can be determined more accurately and increase according to the profits that you will receive from this campaign. Through digital marketing, you can determine the number of target customers who will see your product and you can stop the campaign at any time you want.

4. Obtaining target customer data

It is a great feature provided by digital marketing, where you can get customer data and keep it for life, in order to contact them at a later time and create a marketing campaign for them in order to increase your sales. By targeting the customers you have dealt with in the past and who bought your product, and all this is done through the technology provided by digital marketing.

5. Easy access to marketing analytics

You can easily get all the details, data and results of your marketing campaign. This is in order to carry out more successful and effective marketing operations than the previous ones. Thanks to the techniques provided by digital marketing, you can obtain detailed percentages of all customer movements.

6. Speed ​​in execution

Through digital marketing, you can quickly start and see the results of your marketing campaign and customer interaction.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

1. Having a lot of competitors

Since digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing methods, this has led to all kinds of business activists resorting to it, which has created intense competition to get the target customers through any digital marketing channel.

2. Difficulty dealing with data

Within the digital channels there is a lot of data, and this has led to great difficulty in using this data in order to carry out a targeted marketing process and achieve the set goals.

3. Not being able to find a digital marketer

The spread of the idea of ​​digital marketing does not indicate the presence of many professionals in this field, so the process of finding and selecting digital marketers may be a rather difficult process.

Digital Marketing Specialties

The people working in the digital marketing, or it can be called the digital marketing team, this team is responsible for achieving the marketing results and increasing the sales volume of the organization. But this does not prevent that there is one person who does all the tasks, and this is very common in small companies.


The digital marketing team uses many marketing channels to perform its tasks, including free and paid. The following are the most important digital marketing specialties:

a) SEO specialist

It improves and creates content for the site in order to appear in the first search results in different search engines.

b) Content Marketing Specialist

His task is to write content with high professionalism, and he must be specialized in what is known as SEO or search engine optimization, and this is in order for the company’s site to rise among the competing sites and become a leader in its field.

c) Social Media Administrator

This specialist manages and takes care of the comments and opinions of the company's audience and sets the scheduling of publications.

D) Marketing Automation Coordinator

This specialist provides the service that allows the marketing team to obtain important percentages, such as the percentage of clicks on advertisements.

e) Data Analyst

This analyst analyzes the results of the organization's marketing campaigns, using special tools, and then proposes decisions that help the organization achieve maximum results through digital marketing.

There is also another set of specializations, which help to create a digital marketing campaign with high efficiency and achieve the goals of the institution.

Explain how digital marketing works

Below we will mention the steps taken by the owner of any business who wants to market his business, products and services.

1. Conducting what is known as market research

Market research is carried out through dedicated tools, and it is a basic process that revolves around knowing whether the product or service I provide is in demand in the target market or not. In addition to obtaining comprehensive and detailed data about the customers I want to target through this digital marketing process. Not forgetting the competitors and identifying their advantages and disadvantages, and this will lead you to determine the competitive advantage that will distinguish you from the rest of the competitors.

2. Prepare a marketing plan

It is a step that is considered the basic criterion for the success of the marketing process, and it is divided into a long-term plan and a short-term plan, and it includes setting the tasks of the marketing team, determining the budget and the digital marketing channels that we will use.

3. Building the channels and assets of the institution

Through it, a website is created for the organization, pages are created for the organization on various social networking sites, and digital marketing aids are obtained, which are often paid for.

4. Create a digital marketing campaign

As a last step, the marketing campaign begins with follow-up in order to correct all errors and increase the efficiency of the marketing campaign.

Benefits of digital marketing

Similar to what digital marketing offers, which is a cornerstone for the success of any organization, you, dear reader, can also benefit from this specialization and study it for the following reasons:

1. You can get a job

Through your study of this field, you will be able to obtain good profits, and this is by working as a marketer in a company or in self-employment on freelance sites such as an independent site. With the progress of technological development and the resort to all companies to work electronically, the percentage of demand for the job of e-marketers has increased. On the other hand, there are not many competitors in this specialty, as there is a shortage of Arabic content.

2. You can market your company

E-marketing at this time is very important for every business owner. Every project needs it badly in order to succeed, and you and through your mastery of digital marketing, you can win over competitors and achieve the profits and goals you want to achieve from your project. Or from your own business.

3. You can work as an affiliate marketer

If you do not know what affiliate marketing means, I will explain to you that affiliate marketing is the marketing of the company’s products without you being the one who created this company, that is, marketing the products that you do not own. Thus, you get a commission or an amount of money, and there are many sites where you can work and make very large profits through commission marketing. All you have to do is enter any company that offers a commission marketing system, then you can market its products.

Learn digital marketing

Now that we have mentioned all the advantages and issues of digital marketing, there is no doubt that you want to work in this field, and learn digital marketing, so I will provide you with a set of instructions that will help you learn digital marketing.

1. Always read articles about digital marketing

On our site, we always provide lessons and articles that mainly talk about marketing, not just digital marketing. And also articles related to the world of business, money, business, economy, trade, profit from the Internet and other things. Where we always strive to provide useful information to our visitors, you can browse articles from all sections by clicking on each section to show you the useful articles that fall within each section.

2. Always look for free lessons

Through the famous YouTube video site, you can watch courses and lectures on digital marketing, which are rich in information, and you must be a good listener, have the desire to learn, the ability to understand, and continuous reading of books.

3. Learning through foreign content

And here we come to a very important point, which is learning foreign languages, especially English, as your mastery of this language will open the way for you to become one of the most powerful digital marketers. Because foreign content is a very rich source of information.

4. Learning by watching the courses

The courses are very important on your way to learning and professionalizing digital marketing, as they start with you from zero to professionalism through systematic lessons. There are many courses offered, both in English and Arabic, and the most famous platform where you find courses is the Udemy platform and Coursera, and some of these courses are paid for, but there are many of them free.

5. Implementation stage

In everything you learn, you must apply, and this is a piece of advice I give you. Do not just read or listen. You must apply what you have heard or read, because you will discover many things that you may not have heard or read about. You will make mistakes and learn from your mistakes as well. Create a Facebook page and prepare your affairs for practical application. Work on Blogger, which enables you to create an experimental blog and apply what you have learned to it in SEO or search engine optimization, work for free only in order to gain sufficient experience, create your project and start expanding it step by step.

In conclusion, our article for today about digital marketing has ended, and I hope that it has given you even a small glimpse into the world of digital marketing.

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