5B707793A8213223D2F3CB92D02D6B60 What is business management?

What is business management?

 What is Business management?

What is business management?

What is Business Administration? Learn about business administration

Do you know what business administration is , if you want to study business administration or any other specialty, you must first know whether what you will learn is important or not. What is the benefit that will come back to you from learning this thing. We will start talking about management and business management and what are the different types of departments.

What is business management?

First , management has several definitions and many researchers have talked about it, but we will mention one definition, which is that management is the art of achieving goals through humans. This is a good definition because it is short and general, and because it mentioned several important points, the first of which is that management is an art, that is, it must be practiced. It is not correct to read about it only theoretically. Secondly, because he spoke in general terms, he did not specify a specific type of people or goals.

There are 3 types of management, the first type is personal management, that is, you manage yourself such as time management, stress management, everything related to managing your life is related to personal management.

The second type is public administration. It is related to government institutions and ministries, which are not-for-profit. How do you manage all this and how to achieve the desired result.

The third type is business management, i.e. business management in private companies or the private sector. In general, the difference between management in general and any type of administration lies in the terminology, and in its scope. The scope in general is to achieve any general goals, with which people either in business management will be within the organization. That is, you are inside an organization, and you want to achieve its goals. There are so-called stakeholders who want to achieve their goals.

There is a question you may ask why I should study business administration. I will answer you that there are many companies and stores and many things that lose money in the millions, due to mismanagement. Why do some people bring in a manager and pay him more than the employees because management is very important.

If you are working in a company, and you want to promote or want to open a project, or you want to manage your life better, then business management is the one that will help you achieve all this.

Different levels of management and managerial skills

Is management a single level, the answer is no. And do managers do the same job in the same way, of course not. Administrative jobs are different, and the skills required at each level differ. If we want to address the large divisions of managers, we will find them divided in the form of a pyramid of three levels. Number one is the direct administration, which means the people who monitor the people who work with their hands. Like workers in a factory, they need a supervisor. This is called direct management, and the same is found in many jobs. Where do you find someone who works and one who is supervising a group of people who work with her hand.

The second type is middle management, which is often not present in small and medium businesses. Because there is not enough volume in it that would allow there to be a middle management. But for large companies such as Google, there is the middle management and its mission is to be the link between the top management and the direct management. As well as carrying out orders from higher management.

The third type is the senior management, and this is the one who plans and manages the entire organization. If we take Google, for example, the senior management plans for the company as a whole, how it will go and the different branches, for example, in which places a branch will be opened, as he plans the general policies of the entire company.

management skills

The skills required for each of these levels are three basic skills.

First, technical skills , which means that the person is aware of his work, for example, the skill of managing a machine for work inside the factory. Whoever has the technical skills knows how to operate this machine.

Human skills , and it means the skills of communicating with people and knowing your goal and achieving it through others. How do you convince someone to provide greater productivity at work?

Intellectual skills , which are how you will set a long-term goal, plan for the future, and how to solve the big problems you face at work at the level of different branches. Like the sales branch, for example, Famore needs to think, and the manager in direct management needs a high degree of technical skills.

As for middle management , it needs all skills equally, technical, human and intellectual. As for senior management, you need a lot of intellectual skills. He does not need or is not required to teach all the techniques of work. His task is to set long-term policies.

mental image in management

A mental image is the image that comes into a customer's mind when he or she hears your company's name. It is not related to the product itself, says one of the marketing experts, if we hear that Nike has opened a new hotel, we will often know the shape, specifications and quality of the hotel, how it will be. Whereas if one of its competitors opened the hotel, we would have no idea about it and this is the mental image of the product.

When you are told the name of a particular product, a certain word will often become clear to you. For example, Apple, and you will find yourself talking about safety or creativity and innovation, and these things companies pay very large sums of money for, in order to install the mental image in your brain. Apple has a strange rule that states that no Apple product appears in a movie unless the person is the hero of the movie.

traditional management

The first idea of ​​traditional management was in the emergence of the Industrial Revolution in 1770, and the first to talk about it was Adam Smith. He is a famous economist who did his famous book The Wealth of Nations. In the first, people were farmers, so they only planted agricultural crops, and when the time of harvest came, they harvested them only without performing any complex operations, which required a large number of people. When the industrial revolution appeared, during which machines and factories appeared. There are workers who come and go, workers who get sick, workers who do not have work experience, and many other things. So the problem of controlling these people and exploiting them to get the maximum benefit and benefit and managing them well to achieve the desired goal appeared.

With the year 1800 to 1850, Frederick Taylor came up with the scientific approach to management. And he made great changes in the way of work, so he studied the workers in order to come up with the highest possible result. The first thing he thought of was the division of labor, and he had the idea that the employee was always the source of his motivation, money.

Then a very wonderful step was taken, which is the work of a car factory, and an increase in workers' wages 10 times per day. The extent of division of labor and wage incentives for hard-working people has been implemented. Those who do not work will be expelled from the factory. The result was to reduce the duration of the automobile industry.

Then another matter was done that affected the administration and project management. The idea, in short, is not to let the process run randomly, so a schedule was made in which the process starts from the day Do and so to the day Do and so. A schedule of machines will work when and stop when. A schedule of workers beginning and end working hours.

Then Henry Fayol came, and he made 14 principles of management, which are the basic principles of management, including authority, responsibility, unity of command, and the separation of administrative levels.

Administrative Journals

Business management is based on performing a very wide range of functions. It is divided into many disciplines, and the following is a definition of each administrative field or specialization.

Public relations is a function that contributes to enhancing communication with customers, introducing the organization and its activities. And any new developments that take place on it, using several means of communication, through which the public’s satisfaction with the institution’s dealings is measured. That is, it is a set of communications that take place through the public relations department, and this communication is from the institution to the masses or vice versa. And the public relations department is the link between all the audiences that deal with the institution. This communication is done through a range of available communication means, such as television, radio, or social media. The communication is carried out with the aim of knowing the desires of the masses, introducing them to the institution and searching for current events in the market.

Marketing is a set of processes or activities that work to discover what people want, and create products and services that are used to satisfy their desires.

Advertising aims to promote a specific commodity or service. The advertiser in the advertisement is clear and known, that is, when you hear the advertisement, you know the owner of the advertisement. The advertising method is to induce purchase, and the advertising is paid advertising, focusing on a competitive advantage.

Finance is the art of managing financial affairs.

Logistics is the science and management of the flow of products and resources such as goods from their place of production to the area of ​​consumption.

Human Resources The human resources department is responsible for several tasks, including employment, personnel affairs, wages, training and development, performance evaluation, setting the organizational structure and developing the organizational structure. He is the one who accompanies the employee from the moment he enters to the moment he leaves the company. It starts with the recruitment process and the job interview. If the employee is accepted and enters the company, he will take him and introduce him to the company's culture.

Subjects taught in Business Administration

  • Strategic management of human resources
  • Financial analysis and project evaluation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Economic Theories of the Firm
  • data processing applications
  • English
  • Mokawalatya
  • the management of change
  • foundations of strategic management
  • management systems
  • Administrative Editing

The Business Administration major is studied over a period of 4 to 5 years.

The importance of business administration

Business administration is considered one of the best, indispensable and most popular specializations. Because it is the basis for the continuation and survival of companies and institutions. The specialization allows its holder to work in the public and private sectors, companies and institutions. However, some graduates may struggle to find job opportunities, due to the great demand and access to a sufficient number of workers within the company. This specialization will enable you to open your own company and can work with any company in the disciplines we mentioned, such as public relations or marketing.

Advantages of majoring in business administration

The specialization opens up a wide range of fields for its graduates, that is, more job opportunities in the labor market. Most statistics indicate a higher average wage in business administration compared to other disciplines. And the work will be very interesting which gives you job satisfaction. By studying this major, you will open your mind to many sciences that will help you develop yourself, and the business administration major is very easy compared to many other complex disciplines.

Disadvantages of majoring in business administration

Besides that the work will be fun, it can sometimes be stressful and tiring. And you will have to deal with a lot of characters with a million moods, and your job is to carry them all by virtue of work, and if you do not work on developing yourself, do not progress. In addition to majoring in Business Administration after graduating from it, you will need other certificates to support your degree. The certificate is determined by the sector in which you will work. Suppose you want to work in the field of marketing, then you must obtain marketing certificates, for example, take a certificate for marketing through social media platforms.

Best universities for business administration

  1. MEDIPOL Istanbul University has an estimated cost of study at $3,960
  2. Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, with an estimated cost of $7,900 per year
  3. Stanford University The cost of studying is very high
  4. INSEAD School has many branches around the world
  5. University of Besennsyvania in the United States of America
  6. London University School in the UK
  7. Mssachusetts Institute of Technology Tuition costs $120,000
  8. Colombia University
  9. University of Chicago

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