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Seasonal allergies in children: causes and treatment

 Seasonal allergies in children: causes And treatment 

Seasonal allergies in children: causes and treatment

          Allergy in children is a chronic disease. resulting from an improper and unexpected reaction of the immune system to unfamiliar substances. 

          Allergies can be seasonal or year-round, and the types of allergies in children vary according to the types that cause them.

          Therefore. all parents must treat their children before the disease develops. that is, before allergies become a chronic disease that affects them for life. 

Allergies types  

    1} Dust allergy: Dust allergy is one of the worst diseases that a person is exposed to in his life. but unfortunately it is widespread and it is not easy to control it.
    In addition to seasonal plant pollen, which causes allergic rhinitis or what is known as reverend fever, pollen allergy is one of the most common types of allergies in children.

    2} Drug allergy: It is an abnormal reaction of the immune system when using a specific drug. whether prescribed by a doctor or without a prescription or herbal medicine. The sensitivity of the drug varies from person to person. and symptoms can appear after hours. days, or weeks, and some research has indicated that A drug allergy may be an opportunity for diagnosis. and a wrong diagnosis may lead to a drug allergy. 

    3} Skin allergy: It is known that children have sensitive skin and an undeveloped immune system. so they are more likely to develop skin allergies. meaning that it is the most common type of allergy in children. 

How to determine the type of skin allergy that children suffer from  

          Before using any medicine or herbs, you need to show your child to the doctor, to diagnose the type of allergy. where the doctor evaluates the case and conducts the necessary tests, and the parents must cooperate with the specialist doctor. and explain to him the history of these symptoms. 

Allergy causes  

          Allergies begin when the immune system mistakenly controls the presence of a substance in the immune system, meaning the presence of a substance in the immune system. and then the immune system produces antibodies that remain on alert against this allergy-causing substance. 


                          Allergy symptoms that depend on the specific substance can affect the airway, sinuses, skin, and gastrointestinal tract.

         Symptoms of allergies range from mild to severe in some severe cases, and allergies can threaten the life of an individual. and its symptoms are sneezing, itchy nose, swelling of the lips. tongue, throat or face, runny nose or eyes, coughing or tightness in the chest, wheezing in the chest and difficulty Breathing, itching of the skin, redness of the skin, loss of consciousness. dizziness, nausea and vomiting, low blood pressure.



         The treatment of chest allergies with herbs is one of the natural. sound, effective and proven ways to treat all types of allergies. among which we mention one proven and guaranteed herb. God willing, that I personally tried for my young son, who is 7 years old, and praise be to God for his grace. He used the sprayer and started to improve dramatically.

the recipe.

         Ground carob + honey 
Mix an amount of carob powder with any type of honey you have and children take a teaspoon after the three meals for a period of time 
3 months.
God is the Healer 

Seasonal allergies in children: causes and treatment

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