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Stomach pain causes and herbal treatment

 Stomach Pain Causes and Herbal Treatment

Stomach pain causes and herbal treatment

Stomach pain is one of the common diseases among people, causing severe pain. The reasons may not be clear, In addition to cramps that can not be ignored. This requires the patient to seek immediate treatment to reduce pain.

Some feel pain in the stomach, prone to many diseases. But to treat the problem requires us to know the cause first and then search for medicines or herbs to treat it.

Causes of stomach pain

Stomach pain has many causes, and most of the time it is treated in a simple way and does not require medical supervision or special care, among which we mention:

  1} Ulcer problem (stomach irritation).

It is a burning feeling in the abdomen *above the navel*. The pain usually appears when eating or shortly after. And the person can not usually sleep because of this pain.

2} Gallbladder problem:

A feeling of pain in the first part of the right side of the abdomen, Or difficulty digestion, or constipation in addition to chronic inflammation of the stomach as a result of returning bile juice * gallbladder * to the stomach. They appear after eating meals, and are accompanied by nausea.

3} Viral diseases:

Diseases caused by some viruses, and there is no need to take antibiotics because they do not kill viruses. It only kills bacteria. Viral diseases are expressed as minor pain in the abdomen or stomach with diarrhea or vomiting, These pains often go away within 2 or 3 days.

4} Food Poisoning:

Although we have all the good and healthy foods at home, we prefer street food. Without awareness of the risks that may afflict us if food spoils or is exposed to germs, all of these causes cause stomach pain. And some symptoms such as vomiting, high temperature, and symptoms usually appear hours after eating.

 5} Urinary tract infection:

Stomach pain is often lower in the abdomen, accompanied by burning during urination, There is rarely a constant feeling to urinate, and women are among the most vulnerable to UTIs. Therefore, urinary infection must be treated before it poses a threat to the kidneys.

6} Indigestion:

Eating a lot of fatty food causes the secretion of large amounts of digestive acids. It causes disturbances, pain, discomfort and discomfort in the stomach or upper abdomen.

7} Food allergy:

Food allergy occurs as a result of eating foods that the stomach is sensitive to. And lead to irritation, inflammation, and a feeling of pain, which affects the normal daily activities.

8} pregnancy:

Stomach pain is one of the most annoying symptoms during pregnancy, and women may suffer from it in the last months of pregnancy, and stomach pain is normal during this period, due to the changes that occur in the body.

Stomach pain causes and herbal treatment

Stomach pain herbal remedy

There are many and varied treatments for stomach pain, and we will discuss the most important and effective ones:

Sidr dates: or what is known as buckthorn. These dates contain many compounds that contribute to the treatment of stomach ulcers. And it increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. These dates contain compounds that fight colon cancer, and contain some vitamins, minerals, salts, and fatty acids. It helps treat skin diseases caused by burns, has antioxidant properties, and helps regulate sugar levels.

Carob: Carob works to raise the efficiency of the immune system. It increases the secretion of gastric juices, which helps to digest food well, treats acidity, absorbs toxins from the intestines, and eliminates germs. It contains a high percentage of healthy natural fibers, and it is also a diuretic and stomach tonic.

Fry of celery: Celery contains chemical components, which help lower cholesterol in the blood, which helps in diapering the heart, and contains anti-hypertensive properties, protects against stomach ulcers, colon and intestines, relieves menstrual pain, and plays an important role in the process of burning fat. Loss of excess weight, and relieves pneumonia and shortness of breath.

And after we got acquainted with the benefits of each of the Sidr dates, the carob and the seed of celery. We mix these ingredients after grinding them in the same amount and eat a tablespoon before breakfast, lunch and dinner for one to two weeks, according to the existing pain, and God is the healer.

Here is another recipe:

Basbass: or what is known as fennel, is one of the plants that have great benefits. Basbas contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which is known to be an effective and powerful antioxidant, It is rich in potassium, which the body needs to maintain blood pressure levels, and it helps lower blood pressure. It relieves inflammation, improves digestion, rids the body of gases, is rich in fiber and essential oils, which help the stomach to relax, and reduces the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and constipation...

Pomegranate peels: Everyone knows that the pomegranate is a seasonal fruit that has many benefits that are distinguished by it. Let's get to know the pomegranate peels, as it is no less useful than pomegranate, as it helps calm various stomach disorders, and it is a strong anti-helical bacteria, and it is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as treats stomach germs.


Cinnamon: Cinnamon is known as one of the most famous herbs in science. It is characterized by large amounts of minerals, vitamins, iron and fiber. It maintains the health of the human body, protects against bloating, relieves stomach gases that cause pain, helps treat indigestion, diarrhea and reduces reflux problems. It is acidic to the stomach, helps reduce nausea, and helps calm the nervous colon, and it is one of the most important types of appetizing spices.

We grind everyone and take the same amount and combine it with each other and eat a teaspoon four times a day for 10 to 15 days.

Stomach pain causes and herbal treatment

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