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Free blogger templates accepted in Adsense and the coolest

 Free blogger templates accepted in Adsense and the coolest 2022

Free blogger templates accepted in Adsense and the coolest 2022

In your opinion, is choosing Google Adsense to monetize your blog the best paying solution? A simple yes or no answer to this question is almost possible. For this reason, I will allow you to give your opinion about this affiliate system offered by the popular search engine. On the Internet one can find many webmasters and bloggers who give their opinions about Google Adsense, some of them have a positive opinion, and some are less accepting of this system. Together we will see the advantages and disadvantages of this ad network. In fact, we will see together that the proposed service is not a goose that lays golden eggs. Free blogger templates accepted in Adsense and the coolest 2022.

Benefits of Choosing Google Adsense to Monetize a Blog

Google Adsense can be presented as a great way to monetize your blog. In fact, it theoretically offers targeted advertisements related to the topic of the site or blog.

This reward and advertising system is very popular among webmasters as ads are broadcast all over the web, especially on the Google search engine. However, this engine captures 90% of the market in this area. Gmail also integrates Google Adsense.

How it works?

This ad network relies on an auction system called ad auctions. Google connects advertisers with publishers who have a suitable audience for ads. Advertisers can set a maximum bid price and specify how much they are willing to pay for their ads.

If more advertisers offer to place their ads on your blog, you can earn more money as a publisher. The best thing is that the ads placed on your blog are targeted to your content.

This increases the likelihood of getting more ad clicks, which helps you earn more money. But, it doesn't end there, there are many Google Adsense affiliate sites and blogs. Therefore, customers of Adwords advertisers have a great opportunity to reach a large audience.

Other advantages:

No experience required, copy and paste the code into your blog.

Easy money to monetize your blog if you have a lot of content and a lot of traffic.

Auto ad targeting.

Good interface for managing ads and ad formats.

There is almost no cost. [/ checklist]

Google offers its advertising system on mobile platforms which are an important source of traffic.

Finally, according to some rumors, sites and blogs that are in an advertising partnership will benefit from better visibility into the search engine and Google services, but the latter denies any claim on the matter.

Free blogger templates accepted in Adsense and the coolest 2022

Disadvantages of choosing Adsense

Most of the time, Google Adsense is paid per single click. Generally, the proposed advertisement is in the form of an image or text banner.

It is very difficult to make a lot of money because you need to generate a lot of clicks.

You can't customize the ads exactly as you like.

You have no control over how much money you pay for each click.

You do not have complete control over the type of ads and links that appear on your site or blog.

It should be noted that Google not only reserves the right to sever any relationship with the webmaster, or the ad distributor, arguing for any reason (correct or not).

Yes, the giant does what he wants with impunity. In fact, what can a humble blogger do against one of the most powerful global companies? Free Blogger Templates

You should also know that Google has implemented an algorithm to judge, as it sees fit, whether the ratio between the number of clicks made and the number of views appears correct.


In addition, Google is very strict: [highlight] they prohibit any form of incentive clicks on their banners [/highlight] whatever the source and means used.

When to start monetizing your site: reviews

If you already have an approved Google AdSense account, you can technically start adding ads on the first day of starting a blog.

But the downside is that without a proper traffic base, you will not be able to generate much advertising revenue.

In fact, in an effort to make more money with AdSense, I have seen a lot of bloggers placing a lot of ads on their new blog. The problem is that it will not only annoy your readers and create a negative impression on you, but it will also distract you from growing your blog.

Instead of placing your ads on the first day, I suggest you wait until you have at least 100 visitors per day. Only then can you earn a solid income from your blog. Free blogger templates

If you want to monetize your website from day one, instead of focusing on ads, try to monetize with affiliate marketing. Since affiliate links are naturally embedded in the content, they do not bother the readers.

I've received quite a few Google Adsense reviews from bloggers who, despite their relatively high traffic, have some serious disappointments. They are all happy to earn a few Euros and monetize their blog thanks to their bad reputation, and were about to praise Adsense thanks to their very attractive sponsorship system.

Unfortunately, they saw their account closed on the following pretext: After a number of incorrect clicks generated from your site, we regret to announce the final closure of your account.

This sent email does not appear in click analysis reports. In short, the webmasters got banned because they are filthy.

If you, like most professional or amateur webmasters, were directed to monetize your blog, would you endorse a compensation system like Google Adsense?

Give us your opinion and experiences in managing Adsense ads and rewards.

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