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The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

The Most Beautiful Tourist Destinations In The World

The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

When one of us decides to travel, the first thing he starts planning is the destination he will go to, and to be sure, the destination of travel is important; It is the place that guarantees us to enjoy the time, achieve the purpose of travel, and benefit from it to the fullest extent. There are an unlimited number of tourist destinations in the world; Which may raise confusion, and in this article we will learn about the best tourist destinations in the world according to different tastes, which will benefit those who intend to travel to choose the tourist destination that suits their different desires.

The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world for natural lovers.

Many people bear the trouble of traveling in order to enjoy nature, and among the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, which include the most beautiful natural environments:

  • Iceland: Iceland is an island country, located in the North Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe, and is one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers as it contains many attractions, such as Dettifoss Waterfall, which flows from it per second 500 cubic meters From the water, it is considered one of the most flowing waterfalls in the world, with a length of 300 meters and a width of 100 meters, and those who visit it feel awe at the power of nature that it represents.
  •  Spain: Spain occupies 85% of the Iberian Peninsula, located in southwestern Europe, and it is a country of diverse natural features, with seas, plateaus, plains, and other breathtaking areas, such as the Bardenas Reales desert, which is similar in terrain to the moon. It is one of the very few deserts in Europe, and there is a great biodiversity in it, making it the choice for filming many famous and international films and series.
  •  Dominica: island countries located in the eastern Caribbean, with a length of 47 km, and characterized by its picturesque mountainous terrain, along with volcanic springs, rivers, and waterfalls, and it can be visited to watch sperm whales, swimming and diving, and enjoying life and marine creatures there.
  •  Palau: The Republic of Palau is located in the western Pacific Ocean. It consists of approximately 340 coral and volcanic islands. It has the world's first reserve for sharks. It is also home to golden jellyfish, along with coral reefs, and sandy beaches, which can be visited not only to enjoy; It's also for skin rejuvenation.
  •  Switzerland: Switzerland is located in the center of Europe. It is a landlocked country, but it is characterized by its towering mountains and many lakes, and one of the most famous natural sites in it is the Alps, which are surrounded by green valleys, and topped by snow-capped peaks, such as the summit of the Matterhorn, which is called the "Mountain of the Mountains". It has a height of 4572 meters and is located on the Swiss-Italian border.

The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world for lovers of antiquities.

The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

Many people make their way to visit the monuments and see the archaeological sites in the world, and they may travel thousands of kilometers for this; The world is rich in archaeological sites and destinations that tell the history and civilization of diverse peoples, and the following is a list of the best destinations that are recommended to visit for this purpose:

  • Egypt: Egypt is home to the ancient Pharaonic civilization that lasted for thousands of years. It is an Arab country located in North Africa. The most prominent archaeological sites in it are the Pyramids of Giza, located outside the outskirts of Cairo, and the number of these pyramids is three, and it was built during the era of the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, to be A dwelling for them in the afterlife, according to ancient Egyptian beliefs.
  •  China: Officially known as the People's Republic of China, it is an East Asian country with the largest population in the world, with a total area of ​​9,572,900 square kilometers; Which means that it is diverse in all respects; Including aspects related to archaeological sites, where in China there is one of the most famous landmarks in the world, the Great Wall of China, which is a model of ancient defensive architecture, and its length is more than 20,000 km, and includes watchtowers, horse tracks, shelters, and forts. The construction of the Great Wall of China began in the third century BC, and was completed in the seventeenth century AD.
  •  Greece: Greece is located in the south of the Balkan island, and it is a country with a civilization rooted in ancient times, and its history is not limited to the intangible heritage only through its influence on modern thought; Its history also has a material aspect represented by archaeological sites, which attract tourists from all countries of the world annually, and among the most famous examples is the Acropolis of Athens, which was built for the goddess Athena, and stands in the center of her city, the capital of Greece. And worship, in addition to mixing architecture with nature.
  •  Jordan: Jordan is located in southwest Asia, in a strategic location that is a meeting point for many of the world's civilizations. The history of Jordan goes back to ancient times in the Middle East, and it has many archaeological sites, including Roman, Greek, Islamic sites, and others. Jordan also has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the city of Petra, also known as the Rose City, which is one of the The largest tourist attractions in Jordan, Petra was in ancient times the capital of the Nabateans, and it is not known when it was built specifically. A Swiss named Johann Ludwig Burckhardt discovered it in the year 1812, to begin its journey towards the world, and to become one of the most prominent archaeological destinations in the world.
  • Cambodia: Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, and it is one of the Asian countries greatly influenced by the civilizations of India and China, along with other Asian civilizations. Cambodia has many globally recognized tourist destinations, including the Angkor Wat temple complex, which symbolizes the sacred relationship between The gods and the ruler, and the towering temples of this site are spread, which are breathtaking with the splendor of their construction and accuracy. It is worth mentioning that Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to being the most famous archaeological site in Asia.
The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

The most beautiful other tourist destinations in the world.

In addition to enjoying nature and monuments, there are other tourist destinations that can be visited for various purposes, the most important of which are the following:

The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world for honeymoon.

Among the suggested destinations for honeymoon:

  • Maldives: The Republic of the Maldives, located in southern Asia, consists of 26 atolls in the Pacific Ocean. It is a tropical country that is considered one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in the world. It has an unlimited number of beaches near the pure turquoise waters, in addition to resorts that allow visitors to Recreation, and practicing several recreational activities that relax the soul and relax the body, such as: yoga, massage, and snorkeling. In the Maldives, you can also try swimming with fish and marine creatures, and enjoy nights under the clear sky full of stars.
  •  Hawaii: Described as a Pacific paradise, Hawaii is located approximately 3,218 km to the southwest of North America. It consists of eight major islands, filled with green palm trees, sparkling water, and soft golden sand. Hawaii attracts newlyweds for their honeymoon thanks to its exciting places There are many interesting places in it, such as: water parks, active volcanoes, and green forests, and the people of Hawaii are friendly by nature, and welcome visitors from all over the world.
  • France: When France is mentioned as an option for a honeymoon, the image of its capital, Paris, which has several names, including “the city of lights” and “the city of love”, comes to mind directly. Paris is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations for newlyweds, everything in it reflects passion and romance, including architecture, art, and even food, and Paris also has hotels to suit all tastes, whether classic or luxury.
The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world for food lovers.

Each country in the world is characterized by its own cuisine and delicious food, and food enthusiasts are advised to visit the following countries that are characterized by their delicious foods, and one dish may not be enough for them:

  • Italy: Italy is one of the traditional destinations that attracts food enthusiasts, how can it not be filled with flavors that capture the hearts, and among the most famous foods that must be tried when visiting Italy: pizza, pasta, and Italian ice cream gelato, in addition to risotto, minestrone soup, and stew Italian fish.
  •  Argentina: Argentina is located in South America, and its location has helped it acquire some cultural influences that have increased the richness of its cuisine and food in it. Food in Argentina is characterized by the diversity of its components, the main of which are meat and vegetables, in addition to sauces, and examples of the most famous dishes in Argentine cuisine Food lovers should try: carbonada, chifitos, and tamales.
  •  Mexico: It is no secret that Mexico is a country rich in flavour, and food lovers are advised when they visit Mexico to head to its capital, Mexico City, and try authentic Mexican dishes, such as: burritos, carnitas, enchiladas, tacos, and guacamole.
The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world for lovers of exoticism.

There is no doubt that in the world there are many destinations that are distinguished by their strangeness in several respects, and examples of these destinations are:

  • Lake Natron: This lake is considered one of the terrifying places in the world, and it is located in Tanzania, and it has gained the character of terror because animals die in it, not only that; It turns into statues through calcification, due to the large amounts of sodium carbonate present in its water.
  • Pink Sand Beach: This pink beach is located in the Bahamas, and the reason for its distinctive pink color is due to the minerals and plankton in the water.
  • Cat Island: This island is an ideal destination for cat lovers. It is located in Japan, and is inhabited by thousands of cats, while its human population is about 100 people.
  •  Cano Crystal: This river is located in Colombia, and what distinguishes it most is that it has five colors, so it is called the “River of Five Colors” and “Liquid Rainbow.” The Cano Crystal River is considered the most beautiful river in the world.
  • The Crooked Forest: This forest is located in Poland, and has strangely shaped and curved pine trees, and there is no scientific explanation for this, making it one of the destinations that one rarely dares to visit.

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